Don’t Duck History is a fiscally sponsored project of United Charitable, a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. 

The mission of the program is to promote and facilitate the learning and sharing of American history, along with its personal and social implications, and to highlight the history of Americans whose stories are not often presented in traditional American history textbooks.

Along the journey of sharing American history, the program will:

  • Encourage commonalities
  • Increase opportunities for dialogue
  • Foster an environment of mutual respect
  • Contribute to the American economy
  • Document history in a reader friendly format


  • By giving voice to various groups/subjects that tend to be under-represented in American History books.
  • By fostering opportunities for conversation, in order to give Americans a more personal view and understanding of the melting pot that we are.
  • By fostering conversations within families about their own history, with the hope of instilling pride and appreciation for family accomplishments as they relate to American history.
  • By including recent events, thereby demonstrating that we are constantly making history.
  • By hosting events, which will allow people to gather together and learn with and from each other.
  • By providing services to individuals, groups, municipalities, and other organizations.


Your tax-deductible donations to help achieve the mission will be gladly accepted.

Ducks have expenses. Ducks need to eat. They also like to fly on occasion, and you will be the wind beneath their wings.

DONATE HERE: https://dontduckhistory.wedid.it

WEBSITE: https://dontduckhistory.omeka.net/

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